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Power Plant and Petrolium Facilities Safety Auditing
BPS understands that the most important is the plant personnel and assets safety . 

Our Approach to safety auditing is the full adherance to the OSHA recommendations, in addition, our team analyses the facility existing infrastructure for compliance with building and industrial safety codes:


           ASME      ANSI       ASTM        IEC          CEN           IEEE         CENELEC        Industrial Building Bodes


Each safety audit is an in depth verification that an Electrical Power, Oil and Gas producing or consuming facility complies with industry standards, and evaluates existing design and practices to safeguard the personnel, equipment, public safety, and the environment

Each safety audit has five main areas:

  • Equipment functionality and integrity
  • Technical, building and facility design
  • Mechanical & Electrical conditions, maintenance and design
  • Administrative
  • Human factors and safety management

The evaluation also includes a Root Cause Analysis for any previous incidents and prevention methods.

Our team verifies and evaluates the following:
  • Emergency and spill response equipment diagrams
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)

  • Process flow diagrams
  • Preventive maintenance procedures
  • Equipment specifications
  • Verifies the Process safety Management (PSM)
  • Conducts Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)
  • Conducts Hazard Operability studies ((HAZOPs)
  • Spill prevention control countermeasures (APCC) plans
  • Safety Assessment of Management Systems (SAMS)
  • Existing training programs

BPS conducts its field assessments with the customer's facility conditions improvement as the top priority, so our team looks into all the aspects of inductrial safety, incidents prevention, systems integrity and personnel knowledge.


BPS provides its customers with comprehensive reports on the findings, and recommendations for necessary modifications and upgrades, and stands ready to assist these customers in the implementation of these recommendations